"We are a partnership who owns and operates approximately 106,000 square feet of commercial and industrial multi tenant rental property in the City of Berkeley. I am a retired CPA and Attorney and act as the Managing General Partner for the Partnership. We have employed the brokerage firm of Norheim & Yost, over the last 20 years, to assist us with leasing the property and to consult...

Rees Development Company

"During the past 35 years Norheim & Yost have represented me in every phase of real estate ownership: specifically as Co-Broker, Listing Broker, Buyer, Seller, Venturer, Developer and basically every other real estate scenario. They have vast experience in their primary field (commercial real estate) and have an impeccable reputation. At this point they probably have under their control the preponderance of West Berkeley commercial...

Stephen E. Block
Real Estate Broker/Developer

"23 years ago NORHEIM and YOST were instrumental in making my dream come true by introducing an opportunity to me that became Picante. They helped in the purchase of properties and parking, writing leases and assisting in property valuations that helped make Picante the success that it is today. I value the trust, thoroughness and timeliness in all of my interactions with NORHEIM and YOST."

James Maser
Owner/Chef Picante

"Norheim & Yost has played a significant part in the growth of our business. They brokered two of my warehouse purchases for my wholesale business. They helped me negotiate all the complexities of the deal including the loan financing. On one of the deals the loan fell apart at the last minute and they helped put together a loan in 24 hours and get us to...

Amod Chopra President

"Steve represented The Saul Zaentz Company/Parker Street Partnership in the sale of our 105,000 square foot seven story office building (aka The Fantasy Records Building , comprising a full city block in West Berkeley) as well as our warehouse property along San Pablo Avenue. We were impressed by and appreciative of the professionalism, persistence and integrity of the Norheim & Yost team throughout the transaction. "

Frank Noonan
President, The Saul Zaentz Company